August 1, 2010, 12:00 AM

Sponsored Supplement: Preparing to bag a successful holiday season

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Finally, retailers should not forget about preparation for their after-holiday sales. Successful post-holiday marketing starts with remembering that prior to Christmas consumers are primarily shopping for gifts and that after Christmas they are more likely to be shopping for themselves.

Creating e-mail campaigns promoting invitation-only, post-holiday sales and proactively promoting after-Christmas specials starting December 25th when many consumers have just received gift cards to spend are effective methods for boosting post holiday sales.

“After-Christmas sales are huge revenue generators. Many consumers are shopping as actively in the days after Christmas as they are during the run-up to it, and retailers need to be ready to market to consumers during this period,” says Yesmail’s Kleweno.

With online sales growing much more rapidly than in-store sales, web retailers have the opportunity to make 2010 a banner holiday season, not just a good one. Among the tactics that can make the difference—and that retailers still have time to deploy—are enabling consumers to shop from their mobile phones, leveraging social networks, adding new payment options and taking steps to reduce fraud.

“The holidays can make or break a retailer’s year,” says FIS’s Roese. “A lot of enhancements can be implemented in a matter of a few weeks, but with the stakes higher than last season, retailers can’t afford to wait to act.”

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