July 29, 2010, 5:48 PM

Digital marketing firm Knotice expands its mobile offerings

The new products are designed to enhance retailers’ mobile marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing firm Knotice Ltd. yesterday released software designed to make it easier for retailers to tie together their mobile marketing strategies.

The new Concentri software is designed to quickly insert content not hosted by Concentri into retailers’ marketing campaigns. For instance, if a retailer wanted to create an e-mail newsletter that featured breaking news, Concentri could pull content from news sites like CNN.com and automatically populate it in anything from an e-mail newsletter to a mobile microsite for browsing.

To do this, the retailer enters the content’s URL and specifies the page elements Concentri should include. Marketers can also select to have Concentri regularly refresh the content to keep information up to date.

The vendor also released mobile web site and e-mail optimized templates that allow the retailer to quickly insert editorial content, says Brian Deagan, Knotice CEO.

Additionally, Knotice added new mobile analytics that allow retailers to track specific mobile interactions by a time period such as week, day or hour.

The release is an attempt to jump aboard the next wave of mobile commerce, which Knotice believes is more likely to focus on m-commerce sites than apps for particular phones like the iPhone or BlackBerry. “Over the next three years, with increased bandwidth and HTML5 on the horizon, the mobile web will likely supplant native app development as the primary channel for delivering rich mobile experiences,” says Deagan. HTML5 is a new version of the hypertext markup language common on web sites. “Within this context we want to offer marketers a unified approach to mobile that will work today and five years from now.”

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