July 22, 2010, 5:01 PM

Mog moves music to mobile

The Internet music listening subscription service has debuted iPhone and Android apps.

 Mog, an on-demand Internet music listening service, is unchaining its subscribers with iPhone or Android devices from their PCs and letting them take music wherever they may be. It has released free apps for the two popular mobile devices that enable subscribers to stream music on the go.


For $9.99 per month, Mog subscribers get PC and now mobile access to more than 8 million songs with unlimited listening and downloads.


“Today’s music lovers want the ability to listen to their favorite music wherever they want without having to pay for each individual track,” says David Hyman, founder and CEO of Mog. “With the launch of our mobile apps, we’re getting that much closer to making Mog ubiquitous and making it easy to access the world’s music collection on-demand for a low monthly fee.”


Mog Mobile features include:

  • Unlimited downloads: Subscribers can download any song or album directly to their phones and consequently continue to listen to music even when out of cell or Wi-Fi range.
  • On-demand streaming: Unlimited listening to any artist, album or song at any time.
  • Mog Radio: A music discovery system that enables users to control the mix of artists, from “artist only” radio up to a full mix of similar artists.
  • Playlist access between web site and mobile: The ability for subscribers to make playlists on Mog.com and access them on their phones.
  • Multi-tasking: Android users can continue to play music with Mog while using other apps. In the coming weeks, Mog will add multi-tasking for Apple iOS4 users.

Subscribers can download Mog Mobile at Apple’s App Store or in the Android Market. As part of the launch, MOG is offering a free three-day trial to non-subscribers.

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