July 22, 2010, 10:31 AM

Better search through video

Companies increase consumer interest after launching video SEO campaigns.

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A few months after starting to use videos to improve its search rankings, AWS Renovations LLC has found results encouraging enough that it plans to reduce its spending on direct mail and radio advertising, says Dan Stein, marketing manager for the Wisconsin-based company.

“There’s been a noticeable uptick in people calling and people inquiring,” says Stein, who was unable to detail any sales increases since AWS began using videos to promote itself. AWS sells such products as doors and windows, along with home-improvement services.

The company hired Web Tech Advisors for the video search campaign, which, much like other search optimization efforts, involves finding the right keywords that best reflect what AWS offers and what consumers are typing into search engines when seeking products. 

The difference here is that Web Tech embeds those keywords and phrases into video files the vendor can distribute to more than 100 online video sites—not only a usual suspect such as YouTube, but sites such as Livevideo.com or Kewego.com, which is based in France.  Even though consumers in other countries might be unlikely to buy a product from a retailer across an ocean, Web Tech aims to encourage inbound links from the videos back to the retailer’s web site, which can help increase the retailer’s site’s score as calculated by search engine algorithms.

“Google will see that a lot of relevant content is linked back to the retailer’s URL,” says Dmitry Shteyn, Web Tech’s chief technical officer.

The strategy also can involve what Shteyn calls geo-tagging, which focuses on embedding into the video file names of towns and areas primarily served by the retailer. For AWS, that includes the names of various towns in the Milwaukee area where most of the firm’s home-improvement customers are likely to live.

Another Web Tech client, IPhonetrip.com, which enables travelers to go online and rent Apple smartphones, has experienced a 20% increase in site traffic since it launched a video SEO campaign about a year ago, says Guy Zbarsky, the company’s director of marketing. The videos range from commercials for the phones to instructions about how to move data from the consumer’s own phone to the rented phone.

“For the most part people would rather see pictures than text-based ads,” Stein says.

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