July 15, 2010, 3:51 PM

Germany’s hotel.de gets the prices right with a new search platform

When it markets “best” prices, hotel.de can be sure its figures are accurate.

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Germany-based travel services site hotel.de makes its mark by promoting special prices through search marketing ads, but until recently it found it difficult to ensure its ads displayed currently available hotel deals. “Previously, constantly updating hotel rates was nearly impossible,” says Prema Sunder, online marketing manager for hotel.de AG.

In addition, hotel.de often had to manually turn on or off its search ad links to hotels’ databases based on the availability of offers. “It was time-consuming and ineffective,” Sunder adds.

But since the travel services site deployed Advanced Campaign Management, a search marketing management tool from marketing technology and services provider Efficient Frontier, it has been able to automatically update information from hotels to accurately appear in its search ads.

After deploying the Efficient Frontier system last December, hotel.de launched its first search marketing campaign in January, placing ads with the headline “Hotels with best price guarantee.” The results: a 16% higher conversion rate, and a 20% increase in the average value of bookings.

Hotel.de expects the new system will help it grow throughout Europe, as the Efficient Frontier technology will make it easier to update information in multiple languages across several search engines.

Sunder adds that the Efficient Frontier system provides a simple interface for uploading data to the search marketing management application, including hotel names, ratings, room rates and descriptions.

Hotel.de says it has about 3.3 million unique visitors per month, and it adds about 2,400 new customers per day to a growing base of more than 4 million registered customers.




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