July 15, 2010, 3:31 PM

Facebook’s Like button may transform consumers’ shopping experience

It provides a key recommendation tool for retailers, marketers say.

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68% of online marketers have or plan to add Facebook’s Like button to their web sites, according to an Internet survey conducted by web analytics provider SeeWhy. The feature launched in April.

The reason for the quick uptake?

“It’s one line of HTML code that can be applied to any web page,” says Charles Nicholls, SeeWhy founder and chief strategy officer. “Retailers have no reason not to do it—especially since it’s free.”




Another way retailers can capitalize on Facebook’s plug-ins is by adding a Login with Facebook button to their sites, says Nicholls. Facebook says site visitors are three times more likely to log in to a site using the button than they are with a retailer-specific user account. 

To date, 15% of the marketers surveyed have implemented the feature, which takes only a few hours to add to a site, says Nicholls. Another 18% say they plan to add the button.

If retailers increase the number of consumers logging into their sites via the button, they can better market to those consumers, says Nicholls. Once a consumer logs in, the retailer can track her activity and then, following the session, remarket to her via e-mail. If retailers can see a 10% to 15% recovery of abandoned shopping carts, which Nicholls says is typical, that could prove extremely valuable.

SeeWhy conducted the survey of 476 online marketers in June.

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