July 8, 2010, 3:27 PM

Showering m-commerce with rich media

Easy2 Technologies has introduced videos, 360-degree views and other rich media offerings for m-commerce sites.

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Conventional wisdom in e-commerce is that adding rich media applications such as online video and 360-degree imagery boost conversion by giving consumers greater confidence to make a purchase. Rich media technology provider Easy2 Technologies Inc. is bringing that wisdom to m-commerce, enabling videos, 360-degree imagery and interactive image galleries on mobile commerce sites.

The new functionality, launched today, is designed with mobile constraints in mind. For example, if a video is 600 pixels wide, too big for a typical smartphone screen, the company optimizes the video to 200 pixels wide. Or if an image is too big, it compresses the image to take up less space and makes the image lighter in kilobyte load. Most important, it avoids using Flash for any rich media applications, as the iPhone and early versions of Android phones do not support the technology, which is often used to display online video.

Easy2 Technologies has two types of clients: consumer brand manufacturers and retailers. The company takes product videos and images from manufacturers and syndicates them to its network of retailers for use on their e-commerce, and now m-commerce, sites.

“Our clients in e-commerce have been seeing boosts in conversion ranging from increases of 40% to upwards of 200% after they add videos and other rich media,” says Carl Persson, vice president of channel management. “That rich information is what gives a shopper more confidence to buy a product. If you can give them that enhanced product information in a new format on the mobile phone, you should see a similar conversion boost there. Just text and images is not as effective as a gallery of images with 360-degree view or video. That extra information gives shoppers more confidence to make a purchase.”

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