July 8, 2010, 2:26 PM

Lilly Pulitzer chooses Digby for m-commerce

Apparel and accessories retailer Lilly Pulitzer envisions m-commerce becoming a core retailing channel.

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 Apparel and accessories retailer Lilly Pulitzer announced today an m-commerce site compatible with all web-enabled phones and optimized for Apple Inc.’s iPhone and phones using Google Inc.’s Android operating system. M-commerce technology provider Digby built the site.

“Our customers are often mobile—whether for business or pleasure—and our goal is to be as accessible to them as possible and provide a consistent and positive experience for them, regardless of where they shop,” says Michelle Kelly, vice president of e-commerce, online marketing and stores for Lilly Pulitzer. “We envision mobile becoming a core channel for our business in 2010 and over the coming years, so taking a strategic approach to mobile commerce with Digby has been exciting—and this is just the first step in a wide range of possibilities for leveraging mobile and catering to our customers whenever, wherever, and however they want to engage with us.”

Lilly Pulitzer mobile shoppers can browse the retailer’s entire catalog, access product descriptions and color images, use a mobile-optimized checkout and locate stores. The site also can be linked to a smartphone’s address book to enable automatic input of billing and shipping information.  Shoppers can access the mobile site by typing in the URL of the e-commerce site, LillyPulitzer.com. The retailer does not yet have any mobile apps, a spokeswoman says.

Lilly Pulitzer uses Venda Inc. for its e-commerce platform, which Venda provides in a software-as-a-service environment. Venda recently announced a partnership with Digby to integrate Digby’s software-as-a-service mobile technology with the Venda Enterprise eCommerce platform. Because of the partnership, Lilly Pulitzer’s m-commerce site integrates with its e-commerce cataloging and order processing systems, Digby says.

More e-commerce platform providers are realizing the importance of m-commerce and are either developing their own m-commerce capabilities, or teaming with m-commerce technology providers to make launching a mobile site easier. In addition to Venda, Yahoo announced last month it is integrating m-commerce technology from Unbound Commerce into its e-commerce platform. E-commerce platform provider Shopatron announced just last week that it is adding mobile commerce functionality and will launch m-commerce sites for 610 of its more than 800 clients by month’s end.

165 retailers currently sell to consumers via their mobile phones. There are 157 m-commerce sites, and 75 retailers operate numerous versions of mobile apps, according to Internet Retailer research.

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