June 4, 2010, 1:22 PM

evo hopes shoppers Like its products

The retailer adds a Facebook Like button to its site.

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Sporting goods and apparel merchant Evo has added a Facebook Like button to its site that allows shoppers who are also Facebook users to click the button when they find a product appealing. When a consumer clicks the button, the information is shared both on the evo site and on Facebook.

The retailer, whose retail site is evogear.com, also added a Share button that allows shoppers to highlight a particular SKU on dozens of social networks, including Bebo, Facebook, Orkut and Twitter.

The retailer hopes the features engage shoppers in a new way. “We know more and more people are utilizing social media to connect,” says Nathan Decker, evo senior manager of e-commerce. “There’s a lot of activity in the space. We want to see if we can get consumers to engage with our brand in that space.”

The retailer worked with PowerReviews Inc., which also sells ratings and review technology to evo, to add the features. Evo declined to disclose the cost of the additions.

The Like and Share buttons are similar to, but distinct from, ratings and reviews, says Decker, because it engages shoppers in a personal way. “The Like button engages your social network into the conversation, which is very different than a review posted to a general audience on a retailer’s web site,” he says. “When you click the button you connect your social world to this particular item and announce to your network that you like it. And that’s likely to be received well because it’s coming from a known person as opposed to an anonymous review that is less personal.”

Evo added the feature on Wednesday. It plans to examine metrics, including incremental traffic driven via links and repeat visits for shoppers who share a product on a social network, within three to four weeks.

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