June 3, 2010, 6:39 PM

Diapers.com gets an earful from its customers

Diapers.com uses a listening platform to gauge the effectiveness of its social media efforts.

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Josh Himwich, Diapers.com director of e-commerce

For Diapers.com, social media is a tool for customer retention, says Josh Himwich, the site’s director of e-commerce. “It’s really about having an ongoing conversation so that your customers don’t just buy from you once, but buy from you forever,” he says.

Diapers.com originally thought it could use social marketing as a customer acquisition tool, but it found Facebook ads weren’t effective. The cost per conversion was far more than in other channels.

That’s why Diapers.com shifted focus. Diapers.com now seeks to engage shoppers with the Diapers.com brand, which encompasses everything baby-related. That’s reflected on Diapers.com’s Twitter page, which shares links to stories with parenting advice, such as “Tips for getting your child to sleep in her own bed” and “Great tips for flying with your baby.”

By engaging shoppers with an array of relevant content, the retailer aims to develop a deeper relationship with its customers so they turn to Diapers.com for all their baby-related needs, Himwich says.

To gauge whether those efforts are leading shoppers to discuss Diapers.com online, the retailer uses a listening platform from Position2, a provider of search and social media marketing technology and services. Position2 measures Diapers.com’s share of online conversations on social media sites, as well as the percentage of those conversations that are positive. That insight helps Diapers.com respond to any negative dialogues, as well as focus on increasing its share of conversation.

For instance, the retailer collaborated with TwitterMoms, a site that caters to influential, technology-forward moms who are active bloggers and Twitter users, to host a Twitter meet-up in San Francisco in May. By doing so, Diapers.com aims to spark conversations about its site and draw those customers discussing the site deeper into the Diapers.com world.

By focusing on customer retention, Diapers.com hopes to see a positive effect on sales, based on its data wiht repeat to the site. "If people are more committed to the brand they might be willing to spend more money," says Himwich.

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