May 27, 2010, 12:20 PM

M-commerce to account for 1.53% of e-commerce this year as sales hit $2.42 billion, report predicts

U.S. mobile commerce sales are expected to grow to $2.42 billion this year, more than twice the amount of last year, and reach nearly $24 billion in 2015, Coda Research Consultancy projects.

Mobile commerce is having an impact on e-commerce, and a big one at that.U.S. mobile commerce sales hit $1.20 billion in 2009 and will grow to $2.42 billion this year and $23.83 billion in 2015, new research says. M-commerce sales accounted for 0.86% of all e-commerce sales in 2009 and will account for 1.53% this year and 8.58% in 2015, according to forecasts from Coda Research Consultancy, an e-commerce and m-commerce research and consulting firm.

More consumers adopting smartphones, along with the corresponding increase in use of the mobile web that comes with use of those sophisticated mobile phones, will be the central drivers of increased mobile commerce sales, Coda Research says.

45 million U.S. consumers owned smartphones in 2009, and that number will grow to 78 million this year and 194 million in 2015, the research says. Smartphone owners accounted for 16% of all mobile phone users in 2009; that number will increase to 28% this year and sharply to 65% in 2015.

Expanding opportunities
“With smartphone sales set to form two-thirds of mobile handset sales in 2015, and over half of mobile handset owners forecast to use the mobile Internet in the same year, opportunities for mobile commerce are expanding significantly,” says Steve Smith, founder and senior director of Coda Research Consultancy. “In terms of online purchase of physical goods, we foresee a rising trend in using handsets to research products, compare prices and buy online while out shopping. This will become more sophisticated, for example, through intelligent cameras, bar code scanners, 2-D quick response bar codes, and location-based applications and services.”

Many smartphone cameras cannot take a sharp enough image for a bar code information system to decipher. However, those cameras can sufficiently capture two-dimensional, or 2-D, bar codes. Coda bases its estimates on previous years’ e-commerce sales, mobile web use, smartphone adoption and internal projections.

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