May 18, 2010, 2:23 PM

Retailers can combine search marketing and social media techniques

Eric Papczun, vice president of Performics, will speak at the Internet Retailer Conference about how retailers that use search marketing and social media can integrate them.

In the realm of Internet retailing, search engine optimization is old and social media is new. Both, however, can help drive traffic to a retailer’s e-commerce site. Today, for some merchants, the old and the new are coming together to create marketing programs that pack a bigger wallop.

“Many retailers have come to rely on search engine optimization and social media as integral components of their overall marketing plans, and the distinctly different applications of these powerful channels are helping retailers in many different ways,” says Eric Papczun, vice president of SEO and feeds at Performics, a search marketing, display advertising and social marketing firm. “From traffic acquisition, direct selling and prospecting to reputation management and social listening, retailers have a sometimes overwhelming amount of options available to them in SEO and social media.”

Papczun will speak on the marketing and advertising strategies in a session entitled Coordinating search engine optimization with a social media plan.

A retailer that opts to pursue social media in addition to search engine marketing should look at how to integrate those initiatives, Papczun says. “For most retailers, this means building an SEO foundation centered on their own sites and their branded social media pages and incorporating earned and paid media strategically.”

Why the editors asked Eric Papczun to speak:
Eric Papczun is a search engine marketing expert with both retailer and agency experience. He leads Performics' optimization services group, which includes search engine optimization and feed marketing. Before joining Performics, he founded and was vice president and chief financial officer of Golf Links to the Past Inc., an online and offline golf art and collectibles company.

Full details about the conference and registration information are available at

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