April 19, 2010, 12:00 AM

For Delight.com, Twitter is about conversation, not conversion

Delight.com vice president and co-founder Tracey Tee will share Twitter tips at the Internet Retailer Conference. She will stress the importance of providing helpful information to consumers without overselling.

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Tracey Tee, Vice President, Delight.com


Retailers who take up tweeting must be careful: Twitter is first and foremost about conversation, not conversion, says Tracey Tee, vice president and co-founder of Delight.com, and the gift retailer’s chief tweeter.

“How do you stay true to your brand without overselling your brand? How do you balance promoting the widgets you sell through Twitter without spamming your followers with ‘buy, buy, buy’?” asks Tee, who will speak in a session entitled Twittering your way to retail success. “You balance marketing with information on products that enhance your brand and promote who you are as a business.”

That balance can include information that goes beyond sales and product description. “If you are selling electronics, in addition to promotions you would also want to keep people up to date with electronics news or provide tips on how to do something handy with your new laptop,” she says.

To retail executives who pooh-pooh Twitter, Tee has a strong message: “You are losing the No. 1 opportunity today to converse with your customer base,” she says. “Though Twitter can feel very one-way, when used right it can be a very good source for two-way conversation with your customers.”

Why the editors asked Tracey Tee to speak:
Tracey Tee knows social media–she co-founded Delight.com in 2007 utilizing social networking and web 2.0 as a grassroots effort to expand its dedicated customer base. Customers can engage with the "Delight HQ Fam" on Facebook, Twitter, social shopping sites and on Delight.com itself, which encourages an open dialogue with customers on each product page.

Full details about the conference and registration information are available at IRCE2010.com.

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