April 14, 2010, 12:00 AM

Goldspeed.com’s order management approach yields big gains

Neil Kugelman, jewelry retailer Goldspeed.com’s CEO, will speak at the Internet Retailer Conference about best practices that web retailers of all sizes can use to make their order management systems and procedures more personalized for each transaction.

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Neil Kugelman, CEO, Goldspeed.com

As consumers become more sophisticated and demanding in their online shopping habits, web retailers need to respond with management systems and procedures that create more personalized order processing, says Neil Kugelman, CEO of jewelry retailer Goldspeed.com.

Kugelman will address how retailers of all sizes can better build and maintain order management systems but still deliver the personal touch, in a session titled An orderly approach to order management.

“We learn about the personal touch in the jewelry business because buying jewelry is such an individual experience,” Kugelman says. “But the one-size-fits-all approach to order management is changing. Customers today want a more custom experience no matter what the merchandise category.”

At Goldspeed.com, all order-related e-mail correspondence is personalized and all jewelry purchases are individually inspected and custom packaged, including with thank-you notes. With order management systems that are tightly integrated with customer data files and customer relationship management software, Goldspeed.com service reps and fulfillment employees also can access key buyer information that helps with customized order processing, Kugelman says.

Kugelman also will discuss why closely tracking and acting on customer comments is critical in planning and implementing a better order management system.

“An updated order management system that’s carefully integrated with your other technology and reflects how customers really want to interact on a personal level is a huge competitive advantage,” says Kugelman. “Even big merchants that process thousands of orders each day can take steps to make their order processing more unique for each customer.”

Why the editors asked Neil Kugelman to speak:
Neil Kugelman is a veteran IRCE speaker and is an expert in order management, attaining a high level of customer satisfaction even while Goldspeed.com was growing rapidly. Goldspeed.com was an Internet Retailer Hot 100 Best of Web retail site for 2010.

Full details about the conference and registration information are available at IRCE2010.com.

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