March 10, 2010, 12:00 AM

Social media helps National Business Furniture get close to customers

Dean Stier, marketing director, catalog brands, National Business Furniture, will talk at the Internet Retailer Conference about the best way to book more business and create a new marketing face by using Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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Dean Stier, Marketing Director, National Business Furniture

Web retailers that sow the seeds now for a comprehensive social marketing program are poised to reap substantial rewards later on, says Dean Stier , marketing director, catalog brands, National Business Furniture.

Stier will share how his company, a 35-year-old direct marketer of office chairs, furniture and related items, established the goals and objectives for a social marketing program that incorporates Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. He will speak at a session entitled Social media: How picking the goal sets the course.

“It’s important to be out there and skate to where the puck is because social media, while new, can add a whole new dynamic to a marketing program,” Stier says. “Twitter and Facebook are excellent tools to promote new products and find out what your customers are saying about you at a particular moment.”

Stier will walk session attendees through the process of establishing goals and objectives for a social media program and detail how National Business Furniture created a successful contest on Facebook around Valentine’s Day that doubled the company’s fan base.

Why the editors asked Dean Stier to speak:
Dean Stier has been leading the effort to build National Business Furniture`s presence on social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to increase brand awareness and form a stronger connection with customers. He also coordinates the company’s multiple sales channels-catalog, web and sales force-ensuring that they complement each other and share the same voice. As a result, he brings the big-picture perspective to social media initiatives, making sure that the company’s representation in social media matches its image in traditional sales channels.

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