March 5, 2010, 12:00 AM

Searchable user reviews boost Wine Enthusiast’s traffic 5%

Wine Enthusiast introduced user reviews in 2007. But until it introduced Review Champion, the reviews weren’t searchable. Since making the reviews searchable, the wine retailer’s organic search traffic has risen 5%.


Wine Enthusiast introduced user reviews in 2007. Eighteen months later the retailer of wine-related products had nearly 10,000 reviews but no way for shoppers to cull through them to find specific details when looking for a product.

But after adding Review Champion, a program from site search vendor SLI Systems and PowerReviews Inc., the reviews weren’t only searchable, the new indexing increased organic search traffic 5%.

Review Champion works by compiling Wine Enthusiast’s reviews on new review-focused landing pages where buyers could search and sort through reviews to find details specific to what they were looking to purchase. Shoppers can buy products from either the user review pages or traditional product pages.

“Our customers can now more easily research our products based on feedback from their peers,” says Glenn Edelman, Wine Enthusiast vice president of marketing. That feedback can turn a skeptical prospect into a buyer, he adds.

In addition to providing Wine Enthusiast with more traffic, and Wine Enthusiast shoppers with more information, the reviews also provide insight for the company’s product development department, says Edelman. “They provide us with another place where we can listen to what our customers want,” he says.


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