February 5, 2010, 12:00 AM

Moxsie.com lets customers buy clothes when not on its e-commerce site

It’s doing so through ShopAds, online and mobile display ads from Adgregate Markets. Those ads, when clicked, create an entire e-commerce experience, from product page through checkout, within a screen overlay that shows up above a web page.

Moxsie.com, an apparel merchant focusing on independent fashion and designers, is targeting fashion shoppers on sites they’re likely to visit and enabling them to purchase products without leaving the page they’re on. It’s doing so through ShopAds, online and mobile display ads from Adgregate Markets that, when clicked, create an entire e-commerce experience-from product page through checkout-within a screen overlay that shows up above a web page.

Moxsie is using ShopAds to bring limited-time deals through highly targeted ads on fashion web sites like Racked.com. ShopAds allow Moxsie to acquire new customers and increase brand engagement by allowing impulse shopping from fashion shoppers looking for new styles and deals, Adgregate Markets says.

“To us, ShopAds provides more than conversions; it also enables customer engagement early in the shopping experience, so that they have the convenience of purchasing within the ad if they choose,” says Moxsie CEO Jon Fahrner. “ShopAds also imprint a potential customer with our brand, incentivizing them to visit our site later for further engagement.”

This is the first apparel retailer client for Adgregate Markets, which last month conducted a ShopAds campaign for Universal Studios Home Entertainment for a newly released DVD. Universal declined to reveal results; however, a spokesman for Adgregate says the program surpassed expectations.

“Apparel is a great showcase of how our technology can not only deliver true conversions for brands, but also engage a user at the point of discovery to browse, shop, and ultimately show purchase intent,” says Henry Wong, CEO of Adgregate. “We believe online apparel sales will be a significant contributor to our overall growth.”

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