February 4, 2010, 12:00 AM

Football fiends can debate and shop on a new Super Bowl Facebook fan page

E-commerce applications developer Milyoni has joined forces with two sports memorabilia e-retailers to launch the e-commerce-enabled Super Bowl Throwdown Facebook fan page. The page enables both Super Bowl-related conversations and memorabilia sales.

E-commerce applications developer Milyoni Inc. has joined forces with sports memorabilia distributor Sports Images Inc. and sports memorabilia online retailer Stadium Associates LLC to launch the e-commerce-enabled Super Bowl Throwdown Facebook fan page. The page lets consumers discuss the big game Sunday, and to buy such items as a New Orleans Saints beer mug.

On the Throwdown wall, part of the pages on the social network, Milyoni posts sales pitches, as well as Super Bowl-related conversation starters, such as “According to the Bleacher Report, Peyton needs to be Peyton in order for the Colts to win. What do the Saints need to do in order to win?” The Facebook store is single tab on the fan page. Shoppers can complete a transaction without leaving the fan page.

Even though both Sports Images and Stadium Associates already had Facebook fan pages, both companies are only selling on the social networking site via the Super Bowl Throwdown page. The reason is that leveraging the game in a non-branded space is a simpler way to reach a broad base of fans than trying to draw them to the merchants’ individual pages, says Dave Andres, Stadium Associates CEO. For instance, the Sports Images and Stadium Associates fan pages have 45 and 65 fans, respectively, while the Super Bowl Throwdown page had 2,255 fans as of this afternoon.

“We view our Facebook fan page as a place where fans of our business can connect,” he says. “The Throwdown page is a place where fans can talk about the game and while they’re doing it they can also shop. The beautiful thing is they can complete a purchase without having to leave the four walls of Facebook.”

Miyoni is charging the merchants activation and maintenance fees, as well as taking a commission from sales. Andres declined to disclose specifics about the fees or Stadium Associates’ sales from the page. However, he says sales have exceeded his expectations.

The store will remain open for six to eight weeks following the game.

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