January 21, 2010, 12:00 AM

New mobile service lets store shoppers access online product information

E-commerce and m-commerce technology vendor Escalate Retail has launched a mobile program that offers in-store shoppers more information about a retailer`s products.

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E-commerce and m-commerce technology vendor Escalate Retail this month launched a mobile service that offers in-store shoppers online information about a retailer`s products.

Retailers that use Escalate e-commerce technology can offer the service, called a Pocket Kiosk, to allow shoppers to access online information about an item via their iPhone, Blackberry or Android smartphone while in a store.

Shoppers use their smartphones to snap a picture of a Microsoft Tag that a retailer places on a product, or can bookmark the Pocket Kiosk URL to access it without Tags. The program directs the customer to the product pages for the particular item that the consumer is viewing, and shows them the information the retailer offers about the product on its e-commerce site. Essentially, it eliminates the hassle of a shopper having to navigate to the product page of an e-commerce site on her own while in the store.

Because the Pocket Kiosk is a web site address and not an app, shoppers do not have to download anything on to their smart phones to use the service, Escalate says.

The vendor says the program can help save sales by offering store shoppers more information than a merchant can fit on a product label or box. Providing more data in a store eliminates the need for shoppers to do online research where they might be tempted to buy at a competitor, Escalate says.

For example, shoppers can access product details, features and specifications, customer reviews, inventory availability in other stores and similar items. Also, the Pocket Kiosk site allows shoppers to log in and access their online loyalty programs and wish lists for the retailer. Additionally, retailers can use the program to cross-sell and upsell by showing shoppers other products purchased by consumers who bought the item they are viewing.

"By empowering consumers with the content and features of online shopping at the shelf-personalized within the context of each shopper`s history with your brand - the Pocket Kiosk is poised to change the way people shop in the store," says Rich Harmatiuk, vice president and general manager, Escalate Retail.



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