October 28, 2009, 12:00 AM

E-mail proof provider adds AOL, Yahoo to its suit against Goodmail Systems

RPost filed suit against Goodmail Systems last month alleging patent infringement. Now RPost has added AOL and Yahoo, saying the e-mail providers are collaborating with Goodmail’s new service for establishing proof that an e-mail has been delivered.

RPost is widening its lawsuit against Goodmail Systems, as it seeks to deter e-mail inbox providers from offering a new Goodmail service for establishing proof that an e-mail has been delivered.

RPost filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Goodmail last month, claiming that the new Goodmail CertifiedEmail Paper Suppression service violates RPost patents. RPost offers a similar service for proving e-mail delivery called RPost Registered E-mail, which, like the new Goodmail offering, is aimed at businesses seeking to substitute e-mail for paper documents

RPost this week expanded its suit to include AOL and Yahoo, saying the e-mail inbox providers are collaborating with Goodmail’s new service. Zafar Khan, CEO of RPost, says his company is suing AOL and Yahoo because Goodmail has identified them as participating in the new CertifiedEmail Paper Suppression service. "Goodmail claims that several of its current partners are going to add PS in the next few months,” Khan says. “We suggest that they evaluate RPost`s patents before taking any actions that would permit Goodmail to expose them to collaboration in Goodmail`s patent infringement."

Goodmail responded to the initial lawsuit by denying the charges, and said it plans to go forward with its new service, which is not yet generally available. “As RPost’s infringement allegations are baseless, we will bring CertifiedEmail Paper Suppression to market as planned,” says Daniel Dreymann, president and co-founder of Goodmail.

The RPost lawsuit does not involve Goodmail’s core product, CertifiedEmail, which retailers and others use to help ensure delivery of e-mail to consumers’ inboxes.

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