October 27, 2009, 12:00 AM

Griot’s Garage fixes up image management to rev up online sales

After deploying new image-management technology, Griot`s Garage says it cut image-management time and costs, increased page views and boosted sales.

After deploying new image-management technology, Griot’s Garage Inc., a web and catalog retailer of automotive tools and accessories, cut image-management time and costs, increased page views, and boosted sales to customers who view its e-catalog and online videos, says e-commerce manager Dell Plagens.

The retailer, whose web site is GriotsGarage.com, has deployed Adobe Systems Inc.’s Adobe Scene7 cross-media image management platform. The platform eliminated the retailer’s need to upload multiple sizes of each product image, Plagens says. Instead, Griot’s loads fewer images into the hosted Scene7 application, which provides zoom, pan and magnification features to provide shoppers with multiple views of each product.

That process has improved employee productivity by 50% in image production and management while also reducing related costs 30%, Plagens says. In addition, the time online shoppers spent on the web site’s product pages increased 10%.

Griot’s has also used Scene7 to launch the first interactive online version of its 66-page catalog. The retailer loads high-resolution PDF product image files into the Scene7 eCatalogs application, which generates and puts into number sequence the e-catalog’s online pages. The application enables shoppers to click to any page of the e-catalog and bookmark pages with electronic sticky notes, Plagens says.

Compared to shoppers who don’t view the e-catalog, shoppers who do view it have a visitor-to-sales conversion rate twice as high, spend more than twice as much time on GriotsGarage.com, and view twice as many pages, the retailer says.

Using Scene7 to deploy and manage online videos, Griot’s has realized an average order value 19% higher among shoppers who view the videos compared to those who don’t view them, the retailer says. In addition, shoppers who view the videos spend on average about four times as much time on the site and view nearly three times as many pages per visit. To date, the retailer has deployed about a dozen product videos.

The Scene7 platform, which is delivered in a software-as-a-service environment, supports the retailer’s ability to modify its imaging content, Plagens says. "We are able to incorporate new features as needed or in an incremental fashion versus a major project milestone method," he says.

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