September 11, 2009, 12:00 AM

Traffic fails to make the grade at computer and electronics e-retailers

Despite school days lurking right around the corner, shoppers weren’t looking online for laptops or other gadgets to help them in school in July. Many computer and consumer electronics e-retailers posted traffic drops.

Despite school days lurking right around the corner, consumers weren’t looking online for laptops or other gadgets to help them in school in July, at least not as much as last year. Most of the top 10 e-retailers in terms of traffic that sell computers and consumer electronics posted drops in unique visitors, Nielsen Online says.

Gamestop was the traffic winner with a 25% rise compared to last year. On the other end of the spectrum, Circuit City posted a 73% decline. Systemax Inc. acquired in an auction from bankrupt Circuit City Stores Inc. and relaunched the e-commerce site over the Memorial Day weekend.

The top multi-category computers and electronics online shopping destinations in July with unique visitors in millions this year and last and growth from prior year, according to Nielsen Online, were:

  • Best Buy, 14.36, 13.90, 3%
  • eBay Electronics, 4.89, 7.72, -33%
  •, 4.06, 3.24, 25%
  • OSTG, 3.70, 4.10, -10%
  •, 3.24, 3.97, -18%
  • Circuit City, 3.21, 11.76, -73%
  •, 3.11, 3.56, -13%
  • eBay Computers, 2.09, 4.28, -51%
  • Sony Electronics, 1.54, 1.70, -10%
  • Samsung, 1.38, 1.62, -15%

Unique visitors count only once each shopper who came to a site, no matter how many times the shopper visited. This is a custom list compiled by Internet Retailer of the top online shopping destinations based on Nielsen Online data. Rankings may contain multiple web sites from the same retailer or manufacturer.

By length of visit, the top eight online multi-category computers and electronics shopping destinations in July (minutes:seconds), according to Nielsen Online, were:

  • Sling Media 3:29:27
  • MailFrontier,1:37:40
  • Audiogon, 0:37:56
  • Insight, 0:33:53
  • eBay Computers, 0:23:47
  • Peavey, 0:22:32
  • Archos, 0:22:26
  • Xerox, 0:19:02

The top 10 retail goods and services advertisers in terms of online ad impressions (in millions) in July, according to Nielsen data, were:

  • Netflix Inc., 2,469.76
  • eBay Inc., 1,000.89
  • Crown Community Development, 949.40
  • United Online Inc., 899.39
  • The Nation Law Firm, 878.69
  • A Photo By Nate, 845.62
  •, 812.14
  • Direct Buy, 664.59
  • Target Corp. 515.08
  • Nordstrom, 503.71

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