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Content is King

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Select the Product Demo tab and a slideshow-like presentation, built using interactive video technology from Easy2 Technologies Inc., shows constantly changing views of the carrier with descriptive phrases to the left. Clicking on a phrase zooms into that aspect of the carrier while calling up a window that offers multiple pages of additional content on just that feature. Other tabs lead to a 360/Zoom section and an Images area.

"Since a car seat is a safety product, we know people want to dig as deep as they can," Stevens says. "So when they see on a menu of features `energy absorbing tether,` they`re going to want to understand what that means. So we have a complete page devoted to that specific product feature. This helps them make the purchasing decision."

The company seeks feedback by inserting mail-back postcards with the first 5,000 shipments of each product. One question asks customers where they learned about the product and related issues. 40% of customers cited the web site as their primary source of information.

So just how important is quality online content and plenty of it to Internet retailing? "It`s critical," says Maddox of Parentgiving. "The alternative is having an image, a short description and a Buy button and hope they buy, and that`s not enough," says Friedman of J&R; Electronics. "The bottom line," says Stevens of, "is it doesn`t matter if your site is found by shoppers if you don`t have the background and educational content available to effectively showcase your products."

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