August 28, 2009, 12:00 AM

An online retailer gains customers from a Kaboodle giveaway

RedStamp’s sales from social shopping site Kaboodle increased 20 times as a result of a holiday season promotion.

Red Stamp Cards LLC, which sells stationery and invitations at, was founded in 2005 and is still making its name on the web. Participating in a holiday season promotion last year helped introduce the e-retailer to some of the 12 million unique visitors who visit social shopping site each month.

Red Stamp was one of the 28 merchants that participated in Kaboodle’s Wish a Day promotion from Nov. 14 to Dec. 31, with some merchants featured more than once. Any consumer who created a wish list on Kaboodle during that period and added a product from a participating retailer was eligible to win a gift certificate from that retailer; Kaboodle and the retailers gave away a total of $25,000 in prizes. Red Stamp works with Kaboodle through Commission Junction, its affiliate network service provider.

Kaboodle provides prominent links and ads on its site for the featured retailer of the day during the Wish a Day event. And the giveaway dramatically increased traffic from Kaboodle to, which had only begun selling through Kaboodle a few months earlier. Sales from Kaboodle increased 20 times, traffic 10 times and the number of Red Stamp items added to wish lists on Kaboodle increased 36 times.

“This was a huge jump-start for us,” says Lindsay DiLorenzo, director of marketing for Red Stamp. “Because we hadn’t been on Kaboodle long, it wasn’t a huge number, but this gave us a big boost. We definitely saw more activity on Kaboodle and more people interacting with our products. It’s given us more of a presence on the Kaboodle site.”

DiLorenzo says Kaboodle loyalists are “people who love to shop. We feel their audience is a good match for our products.” While she says Red Stamp is still in the midst of finalizing its marketing plans for the upcoming holiday season, “we definitely had a good experience on Kaboodle.”

Kaboodle plans to relaunch the Wish a Day promotion for a third holiday season, starting in mid-November, a spokeswoman says.


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