June 26, 2009, 12:00 AM

Digital content e-retailer Dada expands to full-fledged music site

Dada sells ringtones and digital content to mobile phone users via wireless carriers` decks, or portals. The company, however, has grander aspirations—it’s launched e-commerce capabilities on Dada.net where mobile and desktop users can buy digital music.

Dada Entertainment has been selling ringtones and other digital content via decks, or portals, pre-loaded on mobile phones sold by wireless telecommunications carriers. The company, however, has grander aspirations, and has launched e-commerce capabilities on its web site, Dada.net, where mobile phone and desktop PC users can now purchase not just ringtones but digital music. It joins a growing field of digital music retailers setting their sights, and sites, on iTunes.

“Dada has one of the largest MP3 catalogs anywhere and we’re excited to help them extend their subscription services,” says Michael Dulong, co-founder and senior vice president of business development at Billing Revolution, the e-commerce technology vendor and payment processor behind Dada.net. “With our simple checkout technology, now Dada users can enjoy a fast, reliable and convenient credit card checkout experience from their desktops and PCs, as well as from any web-enabled device.”

The move enables Dada to sell to all Internet users, not just users of mobile phones from certain carriers. Retailers that sell through the portals of wireless carriers part with as much as 45% of each sale to a carrier, industry experts estimate. The carriers bill mobile users for the purchases through their portals. With the exception of paying record labels, Dada will not have to part with any revenue generated through Dada.net.

“Digital music is becoming much more fluid between desktop computers and mobile devices,” Dulong says. So the key, he adds, is to have a significant presence on the Internet and in the mobile realm.

Billing Revolution enables one-click checkout for clients’ customers who have accounts set up with billing, shipping and payment information. This ease of use attracted Dada to the vendor.

“Dada Entertainment is thrilled to team with Billing Revolution to offer the best billing process for our customers,” says Warren Wan, vice president of product management at Dada. “Billing Revolution’s one-click procedure offers a streamlined and secure solution that our customers can feel confident using.”

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