June 11, 2009, 12:00 AM

E-commerce stocks are up 37% for the year, led by VistaPrint

Investors have flocked back to the shares of online retailers and e-commerce vendors in 2009. The 37% gain registered by the Internet Retailer Online Retail Index since Jan. 1 represents a far stronger rebound than that of the broader stock market.

Investors are returning to e-commerce stocks more quickly in 2009 than they are to the stock market in general.

The Internet Retailer Online Retail Index is up 37% for the year, a far better performance than such broader indexes as the NASDAQ (+18% since Jan.1), the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (+5%) or the Dow Jones Industrial Average (+.3%). The Online Retail Index tracks the stocks of 25 online retailers and e-commerce technology vendors.

Leading the way among the e-commerce stocks so far this year is VistaPrint Ltd., an online retailer of photo-sharing services, whose stock is ahead 126% since Jan. 1. Among e-commerce technology providers, Art Technology Group Inc. has been the best performer, its stock ahead 91.2% for the year.

Overall, 20 of the 25 stocks in the index are ahead for the year, and only five have lost ground. In 2008, the Online Retail Index stocks declined 39% for the year, slightly worse than the S&P;, which was down 37%, and the Dow, down 34%.

Here are the best-performing stocks since Jan. 1, 2009, in the Online Retail Index and the percentage price increase for each:

  • VistaPrint, 126.0%
  • ATG, 91.2%
  • Blue Nile, 87.7%%
  • Shutterfly, 86.4%
  • LivePerson, 78.6%

Here are the Online Retail Index stocks that have performed least well year to date and the percentage decline in their stock price since Jan. 1, 2009:

  • 1800Flowers.com, -30.4%
  • Bidz.com, -25.9%
  • RealNetworks, -17.6%
  • PetMed Express, -16.8%
  • American Greetings, -1.5%

The 25 companies in the Internet Retailer Online Retail Index are: 1-800-Flowers.com Inc., Akamai Technologies, Amazon.com Inc., American Greetings Corp., Art Technology Group Inc., Bidz.com Inc., Blue Nile Inc., CyberSource Corp., DemandTec Inc., Digital River Inc., Drugstore.com Inc., eBay Inc., GSI Commerce Inc., Keynote Systems Inc., LivePerson Inc., Netflix Inc., NutriSystem Inc., Omniture Inc., Overstock.com Inc., PetMed Express Inc., RealNetworks Inc., Shutterfly Inc., Systemax Inc., United Online Inc. (owner of FTD.com) and VistaPrint Ltd.

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