June 8, 2009, 12:00 AM

Marketing agency Buzz Corps becomes Ivy Worldwide

Buzz Corps is now Ivy Worldwide. The firm, which specializes in word of mouth marketing, says the new name better describes how it helps companies extend their brands to “customers far and wide.”

Seeking a name that better reflects its services, marketing firm Buzz Corps has changed its name to Ivy Worldwide. The agency says the name more aptly describes its ability to help companies extend their brands to find “customers far and wide.”

Ivy Worldwide says it chose the name after receiving input and advice from bloggers and clients.

“As we grew as an agency, it became clear that we were offering more than just ‘buzz’ and our name was not conveying the services and scope that we provide or the results we generate,” says Chris Aarons, co-founder of Ivy Worldwide. “When discussing the name change with bloggers and our clients, everyone seemed to focus on our ability to create targeted campaigns with the influencers that grew to reach customers far and wide. Thus the concept of Ivy Worldwide was born, because from a few seeds ivy grows to cover the entire field, this being a strong metaphor of the power of our word-of-mouth marketing programs.”

The agency also announced a consumer-generated creative contest for the firm’s new logo. The company hopes using customer submissions for the contest will highlight the power of crowd-sourcing, one of the agency’s key strategies.

Along with the contest, Ivy is introducing a creative service called Ivy Influncer that will leverage online communities, user-generated content and social media to drive sales, brand awareness and brand loyalty for its clients. Under Ivy Influencer is Ivy Media, advertising on social communities and social media outlets; Ivy Community Generated Creative, which will help brands save money on creative services by leveraging ideas from consumers for TV, print, radio and marketing communications concepts; and Integrated Social Media Marketing, which combines the two services.

Ivy Worldwide is a word-of-mouth social media and influencer marketing agency. It leverages relationships with bloggers to help brands extend their reach online and to drive traffic, improve search engine rankings and gain sales.

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