April 16, 2009, 12:00 AM

Tetris Friends Online Games scores faster site response times

By implementing new content delivery technology, Tetris Friends Online Games has achieved a 400% faster response time for some of its pages.

Tetris Friends Online Games may market fun and games, but the licensee of the popular Tetris game recently got serious about web site performance. It seems to have paid off.

By implementing technology from Akamai Technologies Inc., the online games site has achieved a 400% faster response time for some of its pages, Akamai says. The Akamai product, called Dynamic Site Delivery, also has lowered the time it takes to load a game and made it quicker for users to access other parts of the web site. As a result of its positive experience, the company has chosen Akamai for its global launch.

"Akamai has already exceeded our expectations in many areas, making it the clear choice for addressing our short-term and long-term business needs," says Casey Pelkey, Tetris Online`s vice president of marketing. "From a performance standpoint, Akamai began delivering impressive results from the moment we implemented them into our online product. Our largest performance gains are clearly being seen from international traffic, especially with improvements in repeat visits. We`re confident our audience, both users and advertisers, will greatly benefit from Akamai`s solution."

Akamai says Tetris also has reduced its total bandwidth costs by 70% by moving traffic from its servers to Akamai’s. Akamai uses thousands of servers located around the world to deliver content faster. Because they’re located relatively close to end users, such servers can serve up content-heavy pages with graphics and media faster than a company that uses its own servers, which may only reside in a few locations, Akamai says.

"Online gaming sites have a passionate user base with increasingly high standards. Therefore, the gaming experience needs to be close to flawless in order to stay competitive," says Tim Napoleon, Akamai’s chief strategist for digital media. "As content continues to grow more rich and dynamic, many traditional content delivery networks are challenged to meet the needs of their customers. Akamai`s ability to accelerate dynamic content for Tetris Friends Online Games has immediately resulted in more pages served, more games played and increased user engagement.”

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