April 9, 2009, 12:00 AM

Online campaign planning goes mobile with downloadable application

Search engine marketing firm Elite SEM has released a tool that can estimate campaign performance from an iPhone. The application can calculate response rates, return on investment and cost-per-click versus cost-per-impression value, Elite says.

Boutique search engine marketing firm Elite SEM has released a mobile application, available for no charge, that allows users to calculate online and direct marketing campaign performance response from their iPhones. The application, which can be downloaded at the online iTunes store or at the company’s web site, can calculate campaign response rates, costs, estimated return on investment, and cost-per-click versus cost-per-impression value, the company says.

The Elite Calc application includes five calculators geared to the different metrics, and it supplies formulas for estimating campaign performance in each area, Elite says. The CPM calculator calculates impressions, dollars and cost per thousand when two of the three variables are known. The banner calculator can determine display campaign costs per acquisition for banner ads, while a campaign calculator estimates online banner or e-mail campaign results under different scenarios.

A CPC vs. CPM calculator determines which approach will most efficiently serve campaign objectives, while a maximum CPC calculator shows marketers the highest cost per click they should pay on a search or banner ad campaign, based on goals and site conversion rates.

Ben Kirshner, CEO of Elite SEM and developer of the application, says the rise of smartphones is enabling people to more easily do more work working outside the office. “I developed the Elite Calc for one reason: to help marketers determine the ROI of their online campaigns in seconds rather than minutes,” he says.

The application targets direct marketers, search engine marketers and online media buyers, according to the company.

Kirshner is also CEO of CoffeeServ Inc., operator of online retail site CoffeeForLess.com, No. 486 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide.

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