April 1, 2009, 12:00 AM

Stone Edge order management system expands support for e-commerce platforms

Stone Edge Technologies is offering in a beta test version of Stone Edge Order Manager support for the Magento, Network Solutions and Infopia e-commerce platforms, and it’s planning to support sales tax processing software from Avalara, the company says.

Stone Edge Technologies Inc. is offering in a beta test version of Stone Edge Order Manager support for the Magento, Network Solutions and Infopia e-commerce platforms.

Stone Edge also supports other e-commerce platforms including osCommerce, Yahoo Merchant Solutions and eBay.com, and some of its clients use Stone Edge Order Manager to process orders from multiple web sites as well as from their physical stores, Stone says. Magento is an open source e-commerce platform developed by Varien, the operating name for Irubin Consulting Inc.

By the end of this month, Stone Edge will add support for sales tax processing software from Avalara, Stone Edge president Barney Stone says.

Stone Edge caters mostly to online retailers doing up to 500 orders per day, though some of its customers handle up to 5,000 orders per day, Stone says. The company is on pace to grow more than 15% this year over 2008, surpassing the 15% growth of last year over 2007, he adds.

Stone attributes the growth to the healthy state of many of his company’s clients, many of which are picking up business from the reduced or discontinued operations of larger retailers. “Every time some big retailer goes out, it just means a lot more business for the small retailers who are left,” Stone says.

To better manager its growth, Stone Edge is planning to hire new people for its programming and tech support staffs, Stone says.

Stone Edge sells its Order Manager software in three versions: the standard version, its most popular, costs $1,500 for a one-time set-up fee for a license covering five workstations, plus $400 after the first year for annual maintenance updates; a version that also includes point-of-sale software for bricks-and-mortar stores, at $2,500 plus $400 per year for updates; and an enterprise version for its largest clients, starting at $6,000 for a 10-seat license plus $1,500 a year for upgrades.

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