March 19, 2009, 12:00 AM

For Collette Vacations, web analytics map an improved route to customers

Web analytics from Unica drive an e-mail campaign that yields open and clickthrough rates 30% above industry averages.

Collette Vacations boosted its web analytics capacity and lifted the performance of its online marketing initiatives. After deploying Unica’s Affinium NetInsight web analytics, it gained insights that drove an e-mail campaign that produces open and clickthrough rates 30% above industry averages, the company reports.

Collette Vacations launched a new site and overhauled its e-mail marketing and lead generation campaigns after benchmarking of its performance showed that response rates and conversions were below industry averages, and that it lacked sufficient capacity to track and measure visitor behavior on its site.

The web analytics package it launched in 2007 allowed it to better analyze web traffic, customer behavior and Internet marketing initiatives. It also integrated with a multi-channel campaign management tool from Unica the company already was using, to provide a cross-channel view for the first time, the company says.

A new Welcome e-mail marketing campaign which sends offers by e-mail to identifiable customers who visit its web site, is based on Collette’s improved ability to track visitor behavior. Initially sending generic offers to first-time site visitors, Collette is over time refining the offers it makes based on relevance.

“If I know you’ve spent the majority of your time on our site looking at tours of Italy, I can offer you an Italy tour, with a limited-time offer that’s only available with your e-mail code, and only if you book soon,” says Diane Gorine, Collette’s manager of interactive marketing.

Besides refining its ability to connect customer behavior across channels and its ability to target-market to customers, the new web analytics package also helps to create new revenue streams, Gorine says.

For example, Collette launched webinars-on-demand, which are co-sponsored by other marketers, for some of its tour products. “We capture e-mail addresses and track these webinars-on-demand with Affinium NetInsight. This additional information makes that traffic that much more valuable to our co-op partners,” Gorine says.

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