March 16, 2009, 12:00 AM

Sears` new message assures multichannel shoppers they won’t waste a trip is rolling out a new web site design and a marketing message summed up by the slogan ShopYourWay. The new site design asks the consumer what she’s shopping for in the search box and offers her several ways Sears can help.

Sears Holdings Corp. is phasing in a new web site at and promoting a new message both online and in store, promising consumers they won’t waste a shopping trip and summing up the multichannel approach with the slogan ShopYourWay.

That ShopYourWay slogan is featured prominently on the new web site, which the home page still labels a beta version although a company spokesman says most web shoppers see the new site. At the new, the top search contains the words “What are you shopping for?” and search results pages feature a prominent banner asking “Can’t find it?” and offering the customer the option of speaking with a Sears representative on the phone, using text chat or e-mailing questions.

The new web site also features a flexible design that adapts the display to the size of the visitor`s browser window.

The department store chain also has updated the services available from the Internet kiosks in its 3,800 stores. The kiosks now enable consumers to compare prices, for instance of eight leading appliance brands, and to order an item from the store kiosk for free home delivery. “The idea is that you never waste a shopping trip,” a spokesman says. “When you go to the store you’re going to leave with what you need.”

Sears ties together these new services with previously announced initiatives, such as its Web to Store program that offers multiple pickup options and the Sears2Go mobile commerce site, under the banner of ShopYourWay.

"ShopYourWay revolves around the lives of our customers," says Richard Gerstein, senior vice president of marketing at Sears, No. 8 in the Internet Retailer Top 500 Guide. "By letting their schedules determine the way they shop, our customers can take advantage of making purchases in-store, online, over the phone and with mobile capabilities. ShopYourWay empowers our customers to manage their lives by providing them with unique services, expanded selections and the best prices."

“The big difference is that we’re talking about these capabilities that we’ve never communicated in a broad, coordinated way,” the Sears spokesman says. Sears will promote the ShopYourWay message in stores, newspaper circulars and on the web site. Where the retailer goes from there will depend on customer response, the spokesman says. “We’ve listened to consumers and now we want to put this out there and get their feedback,” he says.

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