March 5, 2009, 12:00 AM

Wicked Business Sciences ties personalized content to web search keywords

Wicked Business Sciences, a technology company with roots in e-retailer, is offering a new marketing platform that shows online shoppers personalized content based on the keywords used in product search, CEO Daniel Shields says.

Wicked Business Sciences, a technology company with roots in e-retailer, is offering a new marketing platform that shows online shoppers personalized content based on the keywords used in product search.

Wicked, which began operating in a preliminary mode last year, serves about 200 retailers and advertisers who feed their product data to Wicked’s data warehouse to support the company’s PreCognitve Search application, according to CEO and co-founder Daniel Shields. When shoppers search the Internet with a particular keyword, then click to a Wicked client’s landing page, for example, the landing page will automatically present a block of several links to pertinent products. In addition to providing personalized content on a landing page tied to a shopper’s search keywords, the PreCognitive Search application is also designed to improve a retailer’s natural search rankings and paid search quality scores.

Participating retailers include,, and A recent search on Google for “wire loom,” a type of coiled computer wire sold by CableOrganizer, for instance, showed the computer products retailer at the top of natural search rankings. Clicking on its listing takes a shopper to a landing page of multiple types of computer accesssories, but also with a “Best Matches for Wire Loom” box of four wire loom product listings fed by the PreCognitive Search application. Without that product data feed tied to the wire loom keyword, the shopper would usually have had to continue searching and navigating from the landing page to find the desired products, Shields says.

Shields, a former technology manager at CableOrganizer, developed the PreCognitive Search application last year with CableOrganizer co-founder and chief operating officer Paul Holstein and I.T. director Nicolas Dubus. Shields left the retailer last spring to form Decision Data Corp., which is doing business as Wicked Business Sciences, to develop PreCognitive Search and make it available to other retailers. CableOrganizer and are among the investors in Wicked Business Sciences.

Wicked charges its retailer clients $699 per month to maintain their product data in the PreCognitive Search platform, but it waives that fee for retailers who agree to share revenue with members of Wicked’s affiliate network, which it calls the Lucid Element Network.

The Lucid network, which has more than 1,000 affiliate members, including blogs and other types of content sites, enables Wicked’s client retailers to have their blocks of keyword-driven product listings appear on affiliate sites. When a shopper clicks a listing on an affiliate site and completes a purchase at the advertising retailer, that retailer pays 7% of the sale to Wicked, which starting April 1 will keep a fifth of the fee and give the rest of it to the affiliate member that generated the sale. Until now, Wicked has passed the entire 7% fee onto its affiliate members during the PreCognitive Search start-up phase.

Wicked’s data warehouse is tied to the company’s, which provides the data feeds from retailers to affiliate network members. also serves as a comparison search engine, where shoppers can search for products available from Wicked’s retailer clients.

Wicked has also worked with Thanx Media to deploy Endeca Technologies Inc.’s Endeca On-Demand site search technology to support the personalized content on retailer client web sites.

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