March 5, 2009, 12:00 AM

Web personalization goes dynamic in new 7 Billion People release

Software from 7 Billon People analyzes visitor clickstream behavior and adapts site presentation in real time.

Software developer 7 Billion People has released what it says is a new variety of web personalization software-it adapts how a web site’s pages are presented to site visitors in real time, based on how individual visitors like to receive information as determined by how they click through the site. 7 Billion People’s WebLegend software already has helped one online marketer, United Kingdom-based car rental agency, boost conversions, defined as online reservations, by 50%, according to the company.

The software captures visitors’ clickstream data as they enter and move through the site, to create a “portrait” for each visitor. It uses behavioral psychology to analyze the portraits to identify each visitor’s goals, decision-making methods, buying behaviors and communications preferences. Within three to five clicks, the software can gather enough information on the visitor to determine a behavioral tendency on at least one of 15 attributes. At that point, it begins to adapt the presentation of site content to fit the visitor’s preferences.

For example, one type of online shopper looking for a digital camera might enter the model name and go directly to the product page, then click straight to the technical specifications. WebLegend analyzes this shopper’s clicks-if the shopper comes back to the home page, it would be adjusted for his personality to show a simple search bar with minimal clutter and marketing offers. If this shopper goes to the product page, the technical specs would be prominently displayed and the checkout process would be straightforward without upsells.

By contrast, a shopper who browsed through a few cameras and clicked on a discount link would be presented a different experience, featuring user recommendations, deals and upsells in the checkout process, a style to which this type of shopper is more receptive, 7 Billion People says.

“It’s clear that if you deliver the same web experience to every customer, you’re losing business as evidenced by the fact that 97% of shoppers abandon without buying,” says Mark Nagaitis, chief executive officer of 7 Billon People. “The deep personalization made possible by WebLegend is allowing our early clients to increase their profits by better serving the customers already coming to their web sites.”

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