February 27, 2009, 12:00 AM

Taking the work away from the consumer gives a big boost to LifePics

The 400,000 users of LifePics’ new LifeSync automatic photo upload software placed twice as many orders after installing the software as they had before, the company says.

Online photo processing company LifePics reports a huge uptick in orders from amateur photographers who have downloaded its 5-month-old LifeSync software. LifeSync automatically uploads all photos from a user’s computer to the user’s LifePics account.

LifeSync users placed twice as many orders after installing the software as they had before, the company says. Between downloads from LifePics and installing the software from a CD, 400,000 consumers are LifeSync users.

"We knew that eradicating the manual upload procedure would make ordering through our online network easier for consumers, but the 2x increase surprised even us,” says Ken McDonald, vice president of marketing.

There is no limit to the number of images that a consumer can store at LifePics, although the service is for personal use and commercial use would be a violation of terms, the company says. LifePics has understandably had to acquire more storage capacity as a result of the popularity of the service.

Synchronizing occurs every night, so when a user adds photos to a PC or makes changes to picture folders, the online photo account is updated accordingly. The service also allows users to restore images to a PC in case of hard drive failure, natural disaster, computer theft, viruses or accidental deletions from the PC.

LifePics sells its services to retailers who re-sell them to consumers. Customers include mass merchants, large food and drug chains, local camera shops, and independent photofinishers.

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