February 27, 2009, 12:00 AM

E-commerce expertise in strong demand

Although overall e-commerce sales are off the pace of recent years, the relatively strong performance of the online channel compared to stores and catalogs is making many retailers willing to pay for e-commerce expertise, executive search firm Crandall Associates says.

E-commerce sales may be off the pace of recent years, but with the online channel still performing better than stores and catalogs, plenty of companies are willing to pay for e-commerce expertise, executive search firm Crandall Associates says.

In recent conversations with bricks-and-mortar retailers, Crandall has found most planning to invest more resources in an e-commerce channel this year. “I heard many CEOs and CFOs speak of expanding their online presence in an effort to maximize growth and profit through a greater focus on their web sites, e-marketing and loyalty programs,” says Crandall president Wendy Weber.

Crandall’s latest Guide to Online and Interactive Marketing Salaries, released last month, lists salaries for a vice president of e-commerce ranging from $110,200 to $203,400.

Directors of e-commerce who have been on the job for one to three years can expect a range of $78,500 to $89,900; those with four to seven years, $92,300 to $118,700; and more than seven years, $120,400 to $142,500.

The Guide reports that salaries for natural search analysts range from $45,200 to $72,600, while search engine optimization specialists earn from $50,300 to $80,300. Affiliate managers earn $49,500 to $79,900. Web operations managers earn $65,000 to $86,200.


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