November 13, 2008, 12:00 AM

New tool aims to streamline campaign tracking across search ad networks

Clickable’s Conversion Tracker tracks campaign activity across multiple search engines—without multiple tracking codes.

Tracking search advertising campaign success across multiple search engines can be challenging for e-retailers strapped for IT resources-it requires the installation of tracking code for each search engine tracked. A product now in beta release from campaign management technology vendor Clickable Inc. seeks to address the problem with a single software snippet that captures data across ad networks.

The Conversion Tracking snippet is an enhancement to Clickable Pro, Clickable’s flagship campaign analysis tool. The snippet, a one-time installation, captures and relays critical web site data to Clickable’s ActEngine. The output of ActEngine allows Clickable to analyze metrics and make customized recommendations on campaign spending and management, based on an advertiser’s unique campaign performance goals.

A survey of more than 1,000 small and mid-sized businesses by Clickable determined that more than 50% don’t adequately track conversions on search advertising. David Kidder, CEO of Clickable, notes that measurement, profit and attribution are imperatives for successful campaign management, especially during challenging economic times. “With Conversion Tracking activated, Clickable raises the bar for simplicity and accountability, making it easy for marketers to execute well on the fundamentals of success,” he says.

The single tracking meter also reduces friction and errors for marketing and IT staff who must otherwise collaborate to install and maintain multiple tracking codes across large numbers of web pages, according to Clickable.


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