October 14, 2008, 12:00 AM

A 70% traffic spike is the icing on CoffeeCakes.com’s redesign

Gourmet baked goods and specialty gifts web retailer CoffeeCakes.com has seen traffic rise by about 70% since rolling out a redesign.

CoffeeCakes.com, a gourmet baked goods and specialty gifts Internet retailer, reports that traffic to its redesigned web site increased by approximately 70% in the first few days of testing the new design. The e-retailer mainly attributes the gain to the site’s enhanced search engine optimization capabilities.

The company also noted a 2,500% increase in catalog requests compared with this time last year, which it says stems from placing a Request for Catalog option on every page of the e-commerce site. The new CoffeeCakes.com emerged from beta testing this week.

“Experts tell us that we should re-evaluate our web sites every two years,” says Sherry Comes, president and founder of CoffeeCakes.com. “At CoffeeCakes.com, we know we have a great product and exceptional customer service, but that’s all meaningless if our customers and prospective customers never find our site or find it difficult to use.”

The web site was designed by Colorado Web Solutions, a site design and search engine marketing services provider. The vendor originally projected that CoffeeCakes.com would see at least a 25% increase in sales because of the new design. The e-retailer, however, already reports a 65% revenue increase compared with this time last year, thanks to the redesign and a marketing push that includes new e-mail marketing, public relations and call center programs.

CoffeeCakes.com will also work with Colorado Web Solutions to launch in 2009 a second online store called MyBlueDaisy.com, which will carry personal and home gift items. CoffeeCakes.com was founded in 1995 and its product line includes coffee, cheese, whiskey and rum cakes, and travel mugs.

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