July 10, 2008, 12:00 AM

Wedding bells are ringing and sales are sparkling at Mondera

The web-only jeweler is recording record-breaking sales during this year’s wedding season. It credits new merchandising, affiliates and viral marketing for the spike.

April through July is the wedding season at web-only jeweler Mondera Inc. And this year the e-retailer is recording record-breaking sales of loose diamonds, engagement rings and wedding bands, the company reports.

“Sales in these three product categories have reached an all-time high compared with sales during the same season the previous two years. And the company’s overall revenue to date has grown 25% over last year,” a company spokesman says. “And, it’s now common for the company to see orders for diamonds worth over $15,000.”

Mondera credits a variety of strategies for the sparkling sales. It streamlined its product assortment to focus on loose diamonds, engagement rings and wedding bands, and merchandised accordingly. It boosted efforts with its network of affiliate marketers. It focused on customer retention through e-mail marketing with special promotions. And it used viral marketing tools including “E-mail to a Friend” to help get the word out.

“And to make shopping easier, there is also an extensive learning center online,” says Fred Mouawad, chairman and CEO.

The learning center offers information on diamond certification, what one needs to look for when buying a ring, the history of metals and more.

“The learning center educates a novice to understand what to look for while buying a diamond,” Mouawad says. “It’s about how to decide on which diamond to choose from an extensive collection, providing all the information one needs to know about buying diamonds and jewelry to enable customers to make an educated decision and buy the right jewelry at the right price.”

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