May 29, 2008, 12:00 AM launches with tech from Sterling Commerce, Endeca, Allurent

Among the technologies Borders is using in its new retail e-commerce site are order management from Sterling Commerce, search and navigation from Endeca Technologies and Web 2.0 technology from Allurent, the retailer says.

Among the technologies Borders is using in its new retail e-commerce site are order management from Sterling Commerce, site search and navigation from Endeca Technologies Inc. and Web 2.0 technology from Allurent Inc., providing for a more flexible infrastructure, says vice president of e-business Kevin Ertell.

Borders Group Inc. earlier this week relaunched as a retail e-commerce site. Until May 27, served only as a corporate information site and Borders conducted e-commerce through a site hosted by Inc.

A major feature of the new site is its “Magic Shelf,” which runs with Web 2.0 technology from Allurent and the Endeca search-and-navigation platform and was designed to mimic the in-store shopping experience of browsing for books, Ertell says. “We wanted to bring the book store experience to our web site,” he says.

Supported by Flex Web 2.0 technology, the Magic Shelf lets shoppers scroll up and down or sideways to view book covers as they might appear in store displays. It also supports personalized recommendations based on the shopping behavior of an individual shopper as well as a community of shoppers.

Allurent has designed the Magic Shelf with Web 2.0 functionality including product quick views, a rich merchandising display with elegant navigation aids and an administration dashboard that enables Borders’ merchandising experts to easily update the products available on the Magic Shelf. All the features are designed to work together seamlessly to provide an engaging customer shopping experience, Borders says. “The Magic Shelf is a critical component of the unique experience we offer to our customers online,” Ertell says.

Borders also designed it site to support cross-channel shopping, allowing shoppers, for example, to create wish lists on their home computer and retrieve them through in-store kiosks.

Borders is supporting cross-channel shopping with its Sterling Order Management application from Sterling Commerce, a unit of AT&T; Inc. The Sterling application, built in a web technology-enabled architecture, supports order management across web, store and contact center channels. It also supports fulfillment across the retailer’s fulfillment network to enable Borders to match orders from any channel with distribution center.

“Sterling Order Management provides the depth of functionality, combine with a flexible architecture, to enable Borders to efficiently fill our customer orders,” Ertell says.

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