May 22, 2008, 12:00 AM

BabyPlus uses blogs to raise search rankings

BabyPlus, the developer of a prenatal education system, is using employee-generated blogs to raise its organic search engine rankings and attract visitors. It ranks on the first page of Google for 55% of its keywords.


BabyPlus, developer of a prenatal education system, is using employee-generated blogs to raise its organic search engine rankings and increase the number of visitors to its site.

Since using software from Compendium Blogware, BabyPlus has climbed to the top of natural search rankings for more than half of its targeted keywords,” says Chris Adams, managing director,

“Almost immediately, we started ranking on the first page of Google for 55% of our targeted keywords,” he says. “With some of those key phrases, we’re actually one or two now. We certainly weren’t before we started.”

Using the Compendium technology, the retailer determines the most important keywords for organic search purposes, such as “stages through pregnancy” and “infant development,” and has employees write blog content on those topics. The Compendium platform organizes the content according to topic, resulting in a highly relevant blog on each topic that is easily found and ranked by search engines and satisfies a searcher’s exact request, Compendium says.

“The net result is those topical blogs get very, very narrowly focused specifically on that topic or the keyword, and that’s how they rank well in the organic search,” says Chris Baggott, co-founder and CEO of Compendium Blogware.

To use the software, BabyPlus enters a list of key phrases. The software tracks how often a keyword or phrase is used in blogs, with keywords used most often displayed on the right side of the screen in large type. Words used less frequently appear in smaller text. “It’s a real easy identifier of what key phrases need more focus this week,” Adams says.

Since implementing the Compendium platform, more than 94% of the traffic on BabyPlus’ blogs is comprised of new visitors, Adams says.

“In the last month, we’ve drawn an additional 1,500 unique visitors to our site from these key phrases,” he says. “We’re a little, growing company, and we get on average 15,000 or so unique visitors a month. So to have 1,500 visitors we wouldn’t have had before is pretty compelling.”

In addition, nearly 1,000 organic keyword phrases referred visitors to the blogs within a 30-day period. The majority of terms were unrelated to the BabyPlus brand, such as “fetal development stimulation” and “stages of fetal development.”

“We’ve seen first-hand how blogging can do more than humanize our company,” Adams says. “It gives us measurable results, like higher search engine rankings, and then helps us convert visitors into customers by engaging them in a dialogue through our blog and via conversion points placed on the blog. It’s a very cost-effective tool that’s proven to be a valuable part of our customer-acquisition strategy.”


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