May 9, 2008, 12:00 AM

ComScore provides fresher and more detailed data about online consumers

The updated Plan Metrix service from comScore includes data reported monthly instead of every six months, and more ways to correlate survey data on purchases with the online behavior that comScore observes among consumers participating in its panel.

Internet tracking firm comScore Inc. has announced four enhancements in its Plan Metrix service that provides fresher data and a greater ability to correlate survey data on purchase intent and activity with the online behavior that comScore observes among consumers participating in its panel.

Data will be updated monthly with at least 1,000 new survey responses, says Laura Koehne, product marketing manager for Plan Metrix. Each report will have 12 months of rolling data, meaning a report will include responses from at least 12,000 unduplicated individuals. “Clients wanted fresher data, so now we’ll be releasing data monthly instead of every six months,” Koehne says.

ComScore also has integrated into its reports breakdowns of consumer activity by segments, such as light, medium and heavy searchers; data for the top 30 local markets; and the mean and median age and household income of each consumer group.

An online golfing equipment retailer could use the data to find consumers who play golf-information gleaned from the offline survey-and track the online sites being visited by the ones using search engines heavily, an indicator of buying intent. “Or an online golf retailer might want to look at their audience in terms of the other sports activities they’ve participated in so they can know what other sites they would want to partner with, to advertise on or to have some kind of cross-traffic-building agreement with,” Koehne says. Having the age and income data can help retailers place ads on web sites that attract consumers in a merchant’s target audience.

More enhancements are planned. For instance, Koehne says, comScore hopes to break out in future releases the behavior of consumers who stream online video so that group’s Internet activity can be correlated with its responses to offline survey questions.

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