May 8, 2008, 12:00 AM

New Infopia service helps merchants boost brand and customer loyalty

Infopia has launched a Professional Services Group offering consulting in e-commerce customer loyalty and at least one client says the program works. Home and garden merchant Hy’s Buys says the group helped it boost profits by 23% in 10 days.

Infopia has launched a Professional Services Group that offers personalized consulting services in customer loyalty and other strategies to e-retailers who use its e-commerce channel management software. Hy’s Buys, an online home and garden merchant, says the program helped it boost profits by 23% in 10 days. “As a growing online merchant, we lacked the time to plan, budget and execute an effective online business strategy,” Kirk Simmons, director of e-commerce at Hy’s Buys, says. “We were making decisions in the dark, but the Infopia Professional Services team knew the ins and outs of e-commerce."

The program is specifically designed to help merchants build brand and customer loyalty, expand into other online selling channels and improve search marketing. About 350 retailers have signed up for the program, which began in March, Ali Jepsen, director of professional services at Infopia, says. The Professional Services team has about 10 consultants that analyze a merchant’s business, suggest areas where they can improve, and work with them to develop specific business plans, she adds. Fees for the service are determined by scope of the project and are quoted by project or at an hourly rate.

“We look at how someone is running their business and collaborate with them on how to get better results,” Jepsen says.

To boost brand awareness and loyalty, the program offers a specific eBay branding service which helps merchants design their eBay stores and auction listings to best promote their brand. The service also offers monthly branding and promotion updates, web site branding analysis and competitive branding analysis.

Other services include best practice tips for selling on multiple sites such as Internet auction site eBay, and comparison shopping engines like The consulting program also offers search marketing services such as optimization of pay-per-click advertising and online reporting to measure return on investment. “Our customers look at us not only as a technology solution, but also as a member of their e-commerce team,” Jepsen says. “We work with everyone individually to create an aggressive and winning online business strategy."

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