March 18, 2008, 12:00 AM

Survey finds iPhone owners go online more often via their phones

48% of iPhone users frequently look up information online, compared with 5% of owners of other cell phones, according to data from reviews site

Are iPhones more web-friendly than other web-enabled cell phones, or are iPhone users simply more web-savvy? Either way, surveys by rating and review site found big differences in the way iPhone owners use their phones compared with other cell phone owners. 48% of iPhone users said they frequently look up information online, compared with 5% of users of other cell phones.

An online survey of users of Apple’s web-enabled phone who’d written reviews on also determined that 45% frequently browse online using their phones. That was far higher than the 6% of users of other brands of cell phones who said they browsed the web via their handsets in a separate survey. 39% of iPhone owners said they frequently listen to music on the devices, compared with only 5% of the owners of other mobile brands. 30% of iPhone owners frequently send and receive e-mail messages on the phones, compared with only 7% of owners of other cell phone brands.

The survey also found that 97% of the iPhone users surveyed said the device had met their expectations, including 88% who said it exceeded expectations. “ members who own iPhones more than just like their iPhones. They love them,” says Matt Moog, founder and CEO of In comparison, surveyed Viewpoints members who’d written reviews of other cell phones were significantly less happy with their cell phones, with only 33% calling themselves highly satisfied.

The ability to surf the Internet and to send and receive e-mail were the two top-cited features among iPhone users asked to call out what they liked best about the phone. The lack of carrier choice and the phones’ inability to send picture messages were the two most frequent complaints about the Apple device.

The iPhone users’ survey suggests that existing owners of Macintosh computers were drawn to iPhones. 61% of those surveyed who were iPhone users said they were Mac users while only 10% of respondents who owned other brands of cell phones reported using Macs.

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