November 30, 2007, 12:00 AM

It takes time to buy wine

After redesigning its site to ensure experts and amateurs had all the information they needed presented in an optimal fashion, was rewarded by customers spending more time online. The average time spent on the site is up 14%.


For shoppers who are not connoisseurs, wine shopping can take time. And when presented with an enormous selection, even connoisseurs need time. But if a selection of wine is not presented well and accompanied by thorough information, it can take no time at all for wine shoppers to bolt.

This is why, the e-commerce arm of K&L; Wine Merchants, ensured its recent site redesign included everything connoisseurs and amateurs could need and was presented in a manner that’s easy and helpful. The result: Customers now are spending more time online shopping.

“The average time on our site is up 14%,” says Brian Zucker, co-owner and head of marketing. “16% of shoppers now spend 10-30 minutes per session, and the longer they’re on, the more likely they are to convert.”

The recent site redesign makes shopping easier for the broad range of shoppers. A new navigation system lets shoppers sort wine selections by variety, country, sub-region, price range, critics’ scores, and special designations like organic or top picks. Clicking each category narrows the selections of the category clicked before it.

“The most impressive aspect of is the amount of education and detail provided for each product,” says Steve Rowen, analyst with research and advisory firm RSR Research. “It’s clear that K&L; values a customer-centric experience.”


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