May 24, 2007, 12:00 AM

Eckler’s discovers 61% boost in revenue through paid search

Using its new analytics platform, Eckler’s, a retailer of Corvette parts and accessories, learned that paid Internet search impacts sales of products with long buying cycles like tires and exhaust systems.

When Eckler’s, a retailer of Corvette parts and accessories, wanted to find out the real influence of paid search, it turned to its new on-demand web analytics and precision marketing application. The specialty retailer had suspected that products with long buying cycles-such as tires and exhaust systems-were impacted significantly by paid search, and that customers respond through multiple marketing channels as part of the sales cycle.

Using the Coremetrics 3D Marketing web analytics platform, Eckler’s confirmed its suspicions. Paid search delivers more than 61% more revenue. “We intuitively knew that we were buying the right keywords for our products with longer sales cycles, even though they didn’t always convert right away,” says Tom Holodak, vice president of information services for Eckler’s, which is operates on the web at and is part of Eckler Industries in Titusville, FL. “Coremetrics 3D Marketing gave us conclusive proof that new visitors were coming to our site via paid keywords, evaluating products, returning multiple times through natural search or other marketing referrals, and then buying.”

Coremetrics 3D Marketing enables marketers to simultaneously track the multiple influences that impact each new consumer at any point in the sales cycle, providing unlimited insight into marketing campaigns along three dimensions: drawing new visitors to the site, nurturing them along the conversion cycle, and triggering action to purchase.

“Now we have concrete visibility into how all our marketing programs are working together and have 100% confidence in the value of our search program,” Holodak says. “Based on the insight we gained with 3D Marketing, we can optimize our marketing spend and correctly attribute significant new revenue to our paid search program.”

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