May 8, 2007, 12:00 AM

Online jeweler rings in site redesign

Fashion jewelry e-retailer adds a new payment option and real-time inventory in e-commerce site redesign.

Citing a stale appearance-after two years- fashion jewelry e-retailer redesigned its web site and added PayPal Express Checkout and real-time inventory levels to enhance the shopper’s experience, says Joshua Rubin, founder and president.

“The old site was no longer up to our standards and how we want to present ourselves,” Rubin says. The upgraded site is the fifth incarnation since the company’s 1998 launch and it was driven by the marketplace, he says.

“It was just time. If you don’t reinvent yourself every couple years you fall behind. You have to fight to keep what you have and keep your appearance clean and crisp or people will move on,” Rubin says.

The redesigned web site features a cleaner look, Rubin says, thanks to reduced clutter. It uses advanced search technology to help shoppers locate products more quickly and view more styles at once with faster page loads, he adds.

Once the customer locates a product the new site shows how much stock is available of each style and the current discounted price. Prices are discounted based on order size.

Pages also include more products than before, with 25 per page compared to six on the previous version, Rubin says. has always considered itself an e-commerce pioneer and continues to develop its software, marketing and product presentations in-house, he adds.

Plans for 2007 include adding a rewards program that might give customers credit toward free products or gift certificates. Details haven’t been worked out yet, Rubin says. And although he has abstained from advertising the site in the past two years, Rubin is contemplating renewing his marketing efforts.

“I got frustrated with advertising in the past,” Rubin says. “It wasn’t converting into people coming to the site.” Magazine ads are among the first options Rubin plans to explore.

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