May 1, 2007, 12:00 AM

Internet Retailer 2007 Conference & Exhibition

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Fred Lerner, president and CEO, Ritz Interactive Inc.
The Scotch Boutique: The Web Is Made for Niche Retailing

Fred Lerner has built a $100 million company selling niche products online. "A primary niche has been digital single-lens reflex cameras," he says "The challenge has been how to build a company selling those online. I’ll address how we succeeded in niche retailing and how others can, too." The keys: focus, repetition and expertise. "Product availability, knowledge base and 24/7 customer support are all important," he says.

Charlene Li, analyst, Forrester Research
Benefiting From the New Competition Between Search Engines

A recognized search marketing expert, Charlene Li will speak on the multiple marketing opportunities open to online retailers in a market that is expanding beyond giants Google and Yahoo. She’ll address what different search engines have to offer, how they can reach consumers interested in particular product categories, and what retailers must do to deploy a marketing program.

Mitchell Lieberman, CEO and founder,
Alan Rimm-Kaufmann, president, Rimm-Kaufman Group LLC

Marketing on a Budget-Promoting Your Web Site Without Going Broke

Small e-retailers don’t need a big ad budget to compete with the Goliaths of the industry. Instead, they can use low-cost guerilla tactics to create online ad strategies that really work. Alan Rimm-Kaufmann, president, Rimm-Kaufman Group LLC, and Mitchell Lieberman, CEO and founder,, share concrete tips and fresh ideas on how to wring the most revenue from every precious ad dollar.

Richard Litofsky, president and CEO, cyScape Inc.
Search and Destroy: Removing Obstacles to Site Effectiveness

Today’s web users demand richer web sites that "just work" regardless of their browsers and settings. Sites that can’t keep pace incur rising support costs, miss out on millions in revenue and lose customers to more agile competitors. Learn about the challenges posed by the profusion of browsers and systems, about the hidden impact on a business, and about highly effective, proven strategies to overcome these challenges.

Jeremy Lockhorn, dirctor of emerging media & video innovation, AvenueA/Razorfish
New Age Marketing Tools: Is Today’s Hype Tomorrow’s Help?

From the agency perspective, Jeremy Lockhorn will discuss the emerging media landscape, covering macro trends affecting the marketplace and resulting implications and opportunities for retail marketers. He’ll suggest a framework for evaluating new channels and technologies, provide tips for separating the hype from the real and show a collection of examples that will inspire new ideas.

Gordon Magee, director, Internet marketing and analysis, Drs. Foster & Smith
Affiliate Networks: The New Muscle in Web Marketing

Many online retailers are finding affiliate marketing one of the best ways to acquire customers. Gordon Magee will lay out the basics of affiliate marketing, including definitions, then move into information on affiliate marketing’s benefits to retailers. He also will describe some of the specific tactics they can use in deploying affiliate programs.

Mark S. Mahaney, director, Citigroup Investment Research
Selling Your E-business on Your Terms

Mark Mahaney will talk about valuation trends in the Internet sector today, how they have trended in the past and how they are likely to trend in the future. He’ll review some of the more interesting companies that are seeking to make acquisitions in the Internet sector and offer strategies on timing a sale and developing reasonable price expectations for selling an online business.

Adrian Martinez, president,
Making the Right Web Hosting Choice

"The chief benefit to streaming audio and video is being able to offer visitors a more vivid presentation of products and services a small business provides," says Adrian Martinez, whose e-commerce site offers robust technology. To do so, a small e-retailer must select the most reliable web hosting service. Martinez will offer tips on how best to go about choosing from among the myriad web hosting companies.

David McClure, president and CEO, U.S. Internet Industry Association
The Face-Off Over Internet Regulation

Dave McClure, who has represented the Internet industry in Washington for 14 years as president of the U.S. Internet Industry Association, takes a candid and insightful look in this address at the renewed calls for regulation of the Internet in the name of "network neutrality." He will also touch on other key issues of the day-from the "Exabyte Internet" to discriminatory Internet taxation.

Kristen Montella, vice president, online, Lillian Vernon
Avoiding Disaster: Managing a Technology Implementation.

In technology implementations, the devil’s in the details, as any online retailer changing platforms or adding new functionalities knows. Kristen Montella will address best practices for scoping and testing new implementations, focusing on regression testing and user acceptance testing of new code. She’ll discuss integration meetings and the right questions to ask, building a timeline and what information documents need to have.

Steve Mott, principal, BetterBuyDesign
Getting a Better Deal: Negotiating Lower Discount Fees

The costs of electronic payment acceptance can devour the bottom lines of Internet merchants. Steve Mott will discuss how merchants can get a fair shake in the payments world by learning the jargon and knowing what questions to ask. He will discuss how retailers can get a better deal by shopping their accounts around to different acquirers, processors and independent sales organizations.

Diana Nelson, CEO, Kazoo & Co.
Be in the Driver’s Seat When Choosing an E-commerce Engine

A former executive with major retailers including Gap Inc., Diana Nelson turned entrepreneur in the late ‘90s and launched as an online retailer of unusual and educational toys. Over the years she has investigated many e-commerce platform options. In this session, she will discuss what she needs to operate her business successfully, and how she chose an e-commerce platform to serve those needs.

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