May 1, 2007, 12:00 AM

Internet Retailer 2007 Conference & Exhibition

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Roger Hardy, president, Coastal Contacts Inc.
E-merger Mania: Making Sure the Acquisition Is Right for You

Roger Hardy has made acquisitions as Coastal Contacts has sought to grow internationally. He will outline how to evaluate companies and the steps to completion. "Transactions take longer than we would like," he says. Keys to success are having extensive company and market data and establishing rapport with the acquisition target executives. "Negotiations occur before during and after the transaction," he adds.

Lee Helman, managing director, Financo Inc.
E-merger Mania: Making Sure the Acquisition Is Right for You

When it comes to acquisitions, it’s a multi-channel world, Lee Helman, who has 12 years of M&A; experience, will tell attendees at his session. "I will emphasize a multi-channel approach to the world, not a singular channel for value creation," says Helman, who was involved in the recent merger between BabyUniverse Inc. and eToys Inc. He will provide case studies of mergers and explode some common myths.

Mike Hilts, president & general manager, YesMail
E-mail marketing: Being Persuasive, Not Offensive

Putting the right product in front of the right customer at the right time has long been a basic concept underlying direct marketing-the power of the web is that due to the nature of the medium, online marketers can emphasize the "right time" part of the equation as in no other channel. As a vendor with broad industry experience, Mike Hilts will discuss how to use event-triggered and time-based e-mail.

Michael Hong, director of marketing communications, LG Electronics USA.
The New Must-Have Content: Online Video

Online video is one of the hottest technologies sweeping the web thanks to near ubiquitous broadband deployment, but retailers are still learning how to get their arms around when it comes to marketing. Michael Hong, director of marketing communications for LG Electronics USA, will explore the techniques and strategies retailers can use to make online video an effective marketing and brand building tool.

Craig Horsley, site operations manager, JC Penney
Making Rich Media a Rich Source of Sales

How does a billion dollar retailer go about integrating rich media, including Flash, Flex, and Apex, into its website? With broadband internet connections on the rise, has greater opportunity to deploy rich media to the web. Craig Horsley will describe how his staff determines when and where to integrate rich media on

Tari Huddleston, senior manager, e-business, Home Depot
Making Rich Media a Rich Source of Sales uses a host of rich media techniques to enhance customers’ experiences: alternative imagery, interactive product demos, product zoom, interactive catalogs, virtual home, guided selling, assisted buying tools, interactive showrooms, and video. Tari Huddleston will describe how the company decides which techniques to implement and how it assesses their performance.

Timothy Jackson, president,
How a Small Retailer Handles Customer Service

Apart from the three founding partners,’s first employee was a customer service agent. "That’s an indication of how much importance we put on customer service," Jackson says. The company now employs eight reps. Jackson will discuss how the company balances people and technology, the way it views site content as a component of customer service and how it staffs up for expected surges in customer inquiries.

Rajiv Jain, SVP & CTO, AG Interactive
Mobile Commerce is Happening-and Retailers Better Get Ready for It

"M-commerce is divided into multiple segments: shopping for pure, non-physical content such as ringtones; using SMS text messaging to purchase digital content or vote for contests such as "American Idol;" and purchasing physical merchandise," says Rajiv Jain. "But shopping for and buying real, physical goods on a routine basis still is a ways out there." Still, it’s happening today, he adds.

Howard Kaplan, vice president of marketing, Future Now
The Latest Concepts in Retail Site Design

A retail site redesign has to please everyone: customers, the boss, the board, the bottom line. Howard Kaplan will present the principles of design with Persuasion Architecture, a process that ensures all stakeholders (including customers) agree in advance on how to measure success. He’ll share a testing and optimizing framework that ensures return on investment and customer satisfaction.

Derek Kleinow, CEO, Tiger
Getting a Better Deal: Negotiating Lower Discount Fees

Derek Kleinow will give a merchant’s point of view about the whole process of setting up the best possible merchant account. He will share some of Tiger GPS’s war stories and will offer his opinion on how best to approach negotiating with payment processors He will also discuss the nitty-gritty of discount rates and how different providers may price accounts in completely different ways.

Neil Kugelman, president,
How to Choose an Integrated Back-end Solution has built its reputation on providing excellent service and fast fulfillment. To carry out its strategy, however, it has had to deploy an effective system of managing online orders while addressing customer service and back-end inventory records. Neil Kugelman will provide a real-world example of what it took to make customer-facing and back-office systems work together.

Timothy Laudenbach, credit risk manager, Best Buy
Web Security: Identifying and Avoiding the Scam Artists

Timothy Laudenbach is an expert in online credit risk. He will discuss how companies can identify and prevent fraud, including what e-retailers need to know from the policy, procedures and management perspectives to protect themselves. That includes how to make sure senior-level executives are on board and how to invest in fraud protection without overprotecting.

Mark Layton, chairman,
Making E-retailing Music: When IT and Marketing Harmonize

Finger pointing between IT and marketing over reporting inaccuracies or customer service shortfalls at meetings can not only damage morale, but also hinder problem solving by the two staffs and result in lingering operational inefficiencies. Mark Layton will discuss methods retailers can use to overcome such disputes and get IT and marketing working together to achieve company goals.

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