May 1, 2007, 12:00 AM

Internet Retailer 2007 Conference & Exhibition

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Lauren Freedman, president, the e-tailing Group
Assessing the Real E-commerce Opportunity

Thinking site redesign, evolution or startup? Know the questions to ask to set your strategy on the right course and understand the merchandising and service benchmarks that will be essential for success. For online retailers looking to reach the next level and those just starting out, Lauren Freedman will show how to best define the business opportunity and how to make the most of it.

Patti Freeman Evans, analyst, JupiterResearch
Be in the Driver’s Seat When Choosing an EC Engine

In this session, retail analyst Patti Freeman Evans will discuss how retailers are spending their money on e-commerce platforms, which types of platforms they operate, and what they plan to change over the next year. She and e-retailer Diana Nelson of will identify issues and questions that retailers are asking-or should be asking-as they endeavor to change their e-commerce platforms.

Patti Freeman Evans, analyst, JupiterResearch
Using Customer Product Reviews to Attract Shoppers

Customer product reviews have emerged in recent months as popular content on retail sites, where they provide increased interactivity with shoppers and give shoppers vital information for making purchase decisions. Patti Freeman Evans will address the multiple aspects of providing and managing reviews, such as dealing with negative as well as positive reviews, that can help to boost traffic and sales.

Luke Friang, vice president, CIO,
David Lonczak vice president and chief marketing officer,

How to Prioritize Your Technology Budget

Few e-retailers have the financial resources to purchase all the technology at once needed to build and operate their online store, service customers, and fully automate the supply chain. Plus, once the site is built, retailers must continually deploy new technology to support specialized features that differentiate their site. David Lonczak vice president and chief marketing officer, and Luke Friang, vice president and CIO, will discuss how e-retailers can prioritize their technology spending to ensure they implement key applications without sacrificing site performance. Next, they will examine how prioritized its technology budget while revamping its site from top to bottom and the reasons behind the retailer’s spending decisions.

David Fry, president, Fry Inc.
What Technology is Coming and Why You Should Care

From the perspective of a design, development and managed services provider with a broad client base in retail, David Fry will address the landscape of Web 2.0 and its practical application in online retailing. He will discuss site design implications of new features and functionality such as AJAX, CSS, RSS and tagging, how they’re being used in online retail already, and what technologies are on the way.

Zhenaa Gallagher, senior director, offline marketing and advertising, VistaPrint
Back to the Future: Going Offline to Drive Sales Online

Zhenaa Gallagher has used offline media extensively to promote the VistaPrint web site. She will outline the benefits of using offline media and discuss how a retailer must craft the offline message to encourage online shopping-not always an easy task. She also will detail how she measures the effectiveness of the offline marketing message.

Robert Garf, vice president, retail strategies, AMR Research Inc.
Making E-retailing Music: When IT and Marketing Harmonize

Effective cross-channel operations require linking marketing strategies and the technology utilized to create timely and relevant consumer interactions. Robert Garf, Vice President, Retail Strategies, AMR Research, Inc. discusses best practices for using data to drive marketing insights, technology utilized to enhance customer interactions, and effective online and cross-channel marketing strategies.

Dave Glaser, vice president, professional services, CyberSource Corp.
Complying with the New Card Company Security Rules

Dave Glaser will disclose how to eliminate 90% of an organization’s payment security risk in as little as 30 days. These solutions support one-click buy, subscription and standard payments, and work with any payment system or processor. He’ll also explain how the planning and revised systems architecture often involved in PCI certification can produce a significant return on investment.

Pinny Gniwisch, executive vice president of marketing,
New Age Marketing Tools: Is Today’s Hype Tomorrow’s Help?

The relatively new Internet marketing channel already has tools and technology viewed as traditional as well some that are emerging. Pinny Gniwisch will discuss what Web 2.0 means to marketers, how marketers can make the most of the web, and use the new technologies to break through the clutter. He will share how uses blogs and YouTube to help market its brand and provide a service to the end user.

Les Gore, managing partner, Executive Search International
Filling The Pipeline: Recruiting and Retaining Top Online Retail Talent.

An unappealing company culture will prompt potential recruits to go elsewhere and in-house talent to flee, two things e-retailers can not afford with competition for executive talent so fierce. Les Gore will detail how to shape a winning company culture to attract and retain top talent, hiring strategies, and the latest trends in executive search.

Patricia Graca, customer experience and web site production manager, HP Home & Home Office
Site Usability: Better Navigation Keeps E-shoppers On Board

In this session, Patricia Graca will present how the HP Home & Home Office Store ( was able to uncover opportunities to improve the customer experience. She will also discuss how small tweaks in design and a greater focus on personalization increased registered customers’ checkout completion rates.

Peter Hantman, general manager, distribution and fulfillment operations, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Creating a Stellar Delivery and Fulfillment Strategy

The Met’s stores, catalog and web site do a thriving fall business. Hantman will describe how he completed a reorganization of his distribution center staff and implemented a new material handling system 30 days before the start of the fall season, going live just a week before the Fall Gift Catalog went in the mail.

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